Hi, I’m Lenady and welcome to my weird little vintagey place. I love exploring the past and although that takes many forms, realistically that just means I spend way too much time pouring through old cookbooks, trying not to buy old dolls and dishware, and listening to music that’s at least thirty years old.

Of course, being titled Time Capsule Cooking, this blog focuses mainly on that first bit. There’s something so special about recipes and cookbooks, in my eyes. Food pulls people together in a way that’s difficult to match. Even if you aren’t a music fan, if you haven’t seen a movie in over a year, everyone has to eat. Sure, some of those recipes may be a little… unusual… but that makes things all the more interesting. I like tight-walking the questionable line on recipes. The ones that I might not immediately go for, but the ones that I don’t think are going to be total flops. I think it’s the will-it, won’t-it quality that I like the most. Don’t expect a lot of ‘mayo and bananas’ recipes from me (yes, that’s a thing, if you didn’t already know) – I’m not up for wasting food- but I do like to experiment.

Aside from the cooking and vintage thing, I’m a writer, a voracious reader, and an Appalachian.

Anyway, hope you stick around. Cooking is always more fun with other people to experience the results, even if it’s just seeing the pictures and hearing the horror stories about salty oatmeal sticks.

Feel free to drop me a line. Leave a comment or send me an email- timecapsulecook@gmail.com

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