Devil’s Food Pudding – 1976

So, I'd always heard that you could do bread in a slow cooker, but I'd never really tried it before. And, to be honest, the idea of slow cooker bread still wasn't calling to me. However, I have a sweet tooth, and the idea of a crockpot desert is something I could definitely get behind.… Continue reading Devil’s Food Pudding – 1976


Celery Salmon Loaf – 1952

I'm continuing with the vintage Cambell's soup recipes this week, because as I was flipping through the Cooking with Condensed Soups cookbook I just kept running into doozies. I've been planning to do this one for a while. This week we'll be looking at a Celery Salmon Loaf with Celery Sauce. Yup, we technically have… Continue reading Celery Salmon Loaf – 1952


Sour Creamed Pot Roast – 1976

[And, this week is another reposting, back from the original Time Capsule Cooking blog. This week has been.... busy. Professional development courses can be exhausting.] I have a confession to make: Despite cooking for years, and working, before now I’ve never actually used a slow cooker. Well, I’ve used one. Mostly just plugging the thing… Continue reading Sour Creamed Pot Roast – 1976


Spicy Shortcake with Applesauce – 1952

Wow, the title of this one really sounds innocent, considering the ingredients involved. Well, one ingredient at least. You see, this is one of the variations to the famous Campbell's Tomato Soup Cake. Yes, you heard me right. Now, evidently the tomato soup cake was first invented in the 1920s, but this cookbook, according to… Continue reading Spicy Shortcake with Applesauce – 1952


Vintage Cookbook | Easy Oven Meals from Betty Crocker – 1984

I must admit, I've noted that the closer a cookbook is to the current era, the more normal it seems. It makes sense. Tastes change gradually after all. And, comfort food and some questionable TikTok recipes aside, the more current the recipe the higher the chance its going to fall in line with what people… Continue reading Vintage Cookbook | Easy Oven Meals from Betty Crocker – 1984


Chocolate-banana Shortcake – 1984

Last week, over on Instagram, I asked everyone what they would like me to try next.... unfortunately I couldn't get everything written out on the poll correctly so the two choices were tomatoed fish or simply chocolate banana. Not very descriptive, that last one, is it? I'll do better next time around. Despite the uncertainty… Continue reading Chocolate-banana Shortcake – 1984


Baked Salmon Casserole – 1971

So, I’m noticing a trend with the earliest Southern Living Cookbooks, in that most of them are of the “recipes collected from somewhere else” sort. Admittedly, I kind of like them like that. It feels more authentic somehow. It wasn’t More than likely it wasn’t created in a test kitchen somewhere. Someone actually had to… Continue reading Baked Salmon Casserole – 1971


Flaky Corn Meal Ring with Chili Mexican – 1960s

Okay, so a little confession, which probably isn't that surprising considering the amount of "five ingredients or less" recipes I've tried on this blog, but I actually really prefer those sorts of simple recipes, for a few reasons. First off, I get a quick food experiment without having to invest in ingredients I might not… Continue reading Flaky Corn Meal Ring with Chili Mexican – 1960s